The Prayer Brigade

Develops and implements the prayer strategy for the ministry and covers every aspect of the ministry with prayer on a regular and consistent basis.

Fund Development
Develops and implements the strategy to raise funds for the ministry, it programs and projects.

Board Development
Develops and implements the board recruitment strategy, board orientation,and ongoing training.

Finance (Chaired by Board Treasurer)
Develops and oversees procedures to ensure highest level of stewardship over finances and investments.

Develops programs to achieve the mission of the organization.

Develops projects to accomplish organization’s mission.

Develops and implements strategy for internal and external communication using virtual and traditional media platforms.

Develops and implements recruitment, onboarding, and evaluation of volunteers.

Research (discern, define and document needs)
Develops and implements strategy to collect, analyze and report data that defines,and documents needs determining focus for programs and projects.

Develops and implements strategy to attract and maintain members.